Orthodontists are dentists only they specialize in the dentistry addressing misalignment of the jaws and teeth. This course is related to the general dentistry but the kind of issues they addressDental-OrthodontistvsDentist is what set them apart. Therefore, orthodontists don’t perform general procedures like whitening, filling and extractions. Instead, they are highly trained, qualified and skilled to be able to deal with a wider variety of structure problems related to teeth and jaws like under bite, impacted teeth, crowded teeth and many more problems.

Orthodontists have to undergo specialist studies as well as training to be able to perform all these procedures and they surpass the general dentists. Orthodontists are focused on making the teeth straight and their most common problem they address is placing braces in growing children to correct their alignment.

Most of the orthodontist problems could lead to major oral problems if left untreated. Inefficient chewing, abnormal tooth surface wear as well as jaw misalignment are some of the problems you can develop if your problems are not treated a soon a possible.

Dentists on the other hand are the physicians who take care of the general oral health of their patients. Dentists perform regular checkups as well as cleaning while at the same time monitoring any signs of cavities or gum disease. Most dentists also perform surgeries like tooth extraction and root canals.

Dentists cover dental cavities and even though it is not that serious, it is extremely common and what dentist do is fill the tooth with silver, gold or amalgam. Dentists also address bridges and crowns, cleaning your teeth as well as root canals. Root canal is a situation where the dentist removes a bacteria-infected pulp inside a tooth. This infection is normally painful and if not treated on time, it could lead to a problem that will need to be addressed by an orthodontist.

When you compare orthodontists to dentists, you will understand that the best practitioners want the best for their patients and they will usually refer them to specialists if the need arises. A persons’ smile is one of their best assets and misaligned or crooked teeth are as unappealing as they are hard to clean and maintain. If you have an oral condition like sleep apnea baton rouge, normally, it is best that you consult your dentist first. They will run tests and checkups to see if they can treat the problem and if they can, they will save you from going to an orthodontist.

In case your problem needs to be addressed by a specialist, your dentist will let you know and they will even go as far as referring you to a good specialist to help you get your oral health back. Most orthodontists offer free initial consultations and they are as experiences to take care of your problems as they will deliver results.