Replacing missing teeth with the pass of the years have become easier with the help of either technological and medical advancements that provide a lot of useful methods to treat this common problem in the world, however, the 2 most used “treatments” are the dental implants which are known for being very reliable due to all the procedures required to implant them in someone’s jaw or gum and more importantly, these implants are a long-term solution if we talk about durability.

Their principal competitor is the dentures, which are pretty much known for everyone due to all their famous appearance either in movies or in TV series like the most common solution against tooth loss, before the modern solution of the implants, there wasn’t another choice in terms of treatment besides this denture, but which is one is the best? Should I get dental implants or dentures? Well, to obtain that answer first you should know everything about both solutions like their pros and cons to finally decide this enigma.

Dentures as a Solution Against Missing Teeth:

In a more professional explanation, dentures are a set of fake teeth that was used a lot in the past (and in the current days as well) as a solution for the ones who suffered a severe tooth loss or for the older people who couldn’t eat properly and due to their large age, a more severe treatment like implants aren’t so recommended due to all the risk they can have in their “weak” body.

The way dentures work is very simple to understand, they require a type of special adhesive or paste, this is to avoid any slip out while the person is doing common activities like eating or speaking, yes, you can avoid these adhesives in a certain way, but if you talk in public and your denture slips out then it would be a very embarrassing and awkward situation from both sides.

With the pass of the years, these dentures have also been upgraded! They don’t look like false teeth at all, and more importantly, they are stronger than ever, so you can forget about any embarrassing situation of friends or family members asking if you’re using any denture. Also, you don’t need to remove all your teeth now! There are some individual dentures for any type of tooth, however, they are more dangerous because if you don’t put them properly it can cause serious decay and infection, so be aware!

Dental Implants as a Solution Against Missing Teeth:

Now, if you’re looking for a more modern solution then these dental implants are the best option! They are more innovative than any other treatment against teeth loss and more importantly, they are way more durable and reliable than dentures, now if all of that it’s true, why not everyone uses them? The answer is simple, they cost a lot more than dentures and in some countries, they are ridicule expensive at some points that you have to work for a year to afford them. Plus, you have to go visit the dentist in hampton to get them installed.

These implants work more difficult because they have to be implanted in the jaw or gum of the person and later do some proves that everything is going to be under control, not to mention that the pain after the procedure will be incredibly high, but if you can endure that then it’s time to say goodbye to those missing teeth that are ruining your life.

Despising the fact that they can be very expensive, if you live in a country like the US then you can check if your dental insurance company (if you’re covered by one) can cover the cost of the treatment if they agreed then perfect, but you shouldn’t be surprised if they decline the cover because most insurances don’t have in their policies the right to pay for this solutions, so if you didn’t have luck, then the most recommended thing to do is to ask the dental office about their payment options or even their financing to see if you can afford the procedure.

Final Statement: Should I Get Dental Implants or Dentures?

So, the moment has been reached, it’s time to know which option is more suitable for you as a person who may suffer from teeth loss either a severe one which has a lot of missing tooth or simply a pair of teeth are the ones that miss, the statement isn’t easy to do because the answer depends in some variables like how much income do you have, your mouth condition (if it’s doesn’t suffer from any health issue like gingivitis or if some tooth are changed of position) and more importantly, how old are you, it’s not a secret that dental implants aren’t the main solution of older people due to all the problems they can have in a future for all the medicament that have to be used after the implant and things like that.

So, keeping in mind all the previous variables without any doubt you should get a dental implant for all the benefits that they offer as a great solution to this common problem, this answer is based in the pros that these implants have over dentures, for example, a denture can be more cheap, however, this it’s true at a certain point because due to all the maintenance, replacement, adhesive or cream cost, after a while these dentures can get more expensive than any dental implants that after the installation only require to be brushed like natural teeth.

This statement change rationally if we talk about an older person, due to their advanced age it’s not a good idea to try any implant operation in their bodies, and less in an important place like the mouth is, so we shouldn’t mess with the order of natural things, and also you should consider the pricing in your country because in some places it can be overpriced to a point that some people like to travel to a country which the implant is more cheaper to do the treatment there, so it’s your choice! But remember that one never should be greedy when it comes to health or treatments!